Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

#93 How to Avoid Metabolic Adaptation with Intermittent Fasting Q&A

December 30, 2018

Want to go on a diet and lose some weight but you’re afraid of slowing down your metabolism?

Before you start dieting listen to this podcast about how to avoid metabolic adaptation with intermittent fasting.

In this episode of the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast, we're going to have another live Q&A from my YouTube channel that talks about metabolic adaptation and how to avoid it with intermittent fasting.


  • Metabolic Adaptation Explained 00:41
  • How to Avoid Metabolic Adaptation 05:10
  • How to Maintain Muscle and Burn Fat Instead of Muscle 10:12
  • What About Eating 2 Meals a Day 16:17
  • Do You Have to Change Your Fasting Window 17:55
  • Weight Training While Dry Fasting 23:50
  • High Protein and Cancer Rates 25:30
  • Carnosine and Anti Aging Effects 31:19
  • Carnivore Diet and the Microbiome 38:27
  • Can You Smoke and Gain Autophagy 42:00
  • Dairy Products and Longevity 43:30
  • What Diet to Fix Irritable Bowel Syndrome 47:00
  • Are Probiotics Essential on Keto 54:34

And much more...

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 Show Notes


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