Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

#148 Optimal Meal Timing for Fasting and Circadian Rhythms Lecture

November 9, 2019

There's an optimal way of doing anything and the same applies to meal timing. This is a lecture I gave at the Biohacker Summit Optimized Day Workshop about optimizing fasting and circadian rhythms.


  • What Is Optimal Nutrition 00:50
  • Importance of Meal Timing and Circadian Rhythms 02:30
  • Food and Circadian Clocks 10:55
  • Benefits of Time Restricted Eating 15:45
  • How to Know If You're Hungry 25:20
  • When to Stop Eating 33:20
  • Optimal Window for Eating 40:20
  • How Long Should You Fast Every Day 51:30

And much more...

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