Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

#124 Mark Bell on Resistance Training and Dieting for Physical and Mental Development

June 22, 2019

Do you lift weights, exercise or do any other form of resistance training? You should not only because of the health benefits but because it will also cultivate your mindset.

Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast I'm your host Siim Land and our guest today is Mark Bell. Mark is a record-holding powerlifter, inventor,  entrepreneur, former pro-wrestler and founder of the Super Training Gym. 


  • How Mark Started Lifting Weights at 12 Years of Age 02:12
  • You Have No Excuses Not to Strength Train 11:15
  • How Mark Lost Over 100 lb with Keto 16:20
  • Benefits of Cutting Out Bad Eating Habits 24:33
  • Dangers of Very Restrictive Diets 34:52
  • Muscle Growth After Fasting 40:19
  • Mark's Recent Bodybuilding Show 44:48
  • How to Get Locked In for a Lifetime of Fitness 48:55
  • How Mark Invented the Slingshot 52:04

And much more...

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 Show Notes


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