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#198 Stronger by Stress Q&A with Teemu Arina

August 30, 2020

In this episode of the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast we talk about my new book Stronger by Stress. It's recorded at the Biohacker Center with Teemu Arina.


  • Introduction Notes 00:48
  • Siim's Time During the Lockdown 04:04
  • Hormesis and Antifragility 07:00
  • How to Lower Chronic Stress 10:35
  • Break Vicious Cycles of Stress 13:40
  • Gut Problems and Inflammation 17:10
  • Are Humans Becoming Weaker 22:35
  • Why Are Humans So Adaptable 27:08
  • Are Plastics and Radiation Beneficial 31:42
  • Heat Shock and Cold Shock Proteins 35:25
  • Can Fasting and Keto Be Harmful 36:50
  • When to Eat Protein While Fasting 39:40
  • Tracking Heart Rate Variability 41:40
  • How to Increase HRV 44:50
  • Using Music to Stay in the Zone 50:00
  • Stronger by Stress Documentary Film 53:35
  • Benefits of Taking Naps 59:43
  • How to Lower Cortisol 01:02:50
  • Which Magnesium Types Are Best 01:05:40

And much more

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Show Notes

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