Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

#158 Sarcopenia, Autophagy and mTOR Lecture Two by Siim Land

January 21, 2020

This episode talks about sarcopenia, autophagy and mTOR. It's from my Biohacking Bootcamp.


  • What Is Age-Related Muscle Loss or Sarcopenia 01:00
  • Squaring the Curve of Lifespan 05:20
  • Why Resistance Training is the Best Form of Exercise 10:30
  • Importance of Getting Enough Protein 14:41
  • Best Exercise for Muscle Growth 21:48
  • The Role of mTOR in Longevity 26:38
  • Is IGF-1 Good or Bad 34:33
  • Do You Need More or Less Autophagy 37:00
  • Ketosis and Carb Cycling 41:25
  • Metabolic Autophagy Food Pyramid 49:43
  • Microdosing Gluten for Hormesis 58:55
  • What Kind of Supplements Should You Take 01:03:00
  • Siim's Regular Diet Plan 01:07:10

And much more...

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