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#161 Can ESS60 (Safer C60) Extend Your Lifespan with Chris Burres

February 5, 2020

In one study, giving rats a molecule called ESS60 extended their lifespan by 90%! That's the longest documented life-extension seen in mammals.

In this episode of the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast, we're talking with Chris Burres. Chris is the founder and co-owner of MyVitalC, which is the world's largest manufacturer of ESS60. ESS60 or C60 is a molecule with antioxidant properties.


  • What Is C60 or Buckminster Fullerene 01:40
  • How ESS60 Extended Lifespan of Rats by 90% 10:20
  • Can ESS60 Slow Down Aging 14:40
  • Benefits and Applications of ESS60 21:38
  • ESS60 In Olive Oil VS MCT Oil 32:00
  • How to Dose ESS60 36:00
  • How Correlative Are Rat Studies in Humans 39:40
  • How Siim Would Use ESS60 46:09

And much more...

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