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#195 Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Better Metabolic Health - Kara Collier

August 13, 2020

Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast I’m your host Siim Land and our guest today is Kara Collier. Kara is the Head of Nutrition at, which is a company that offers commercial continuous glucose monitoring services.

Your glucose is one of the best indicators of overall metabolic health and flexibility. I also tried out their CGM software and it was very easy to comprehend and use. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to gain more insight into how certain foods affect their metabolism and glucose levels. You can 20 dollars off Nutrisense CGM by using the code SIIM at


  • How Kara Started Working on Glucose Metabolism 01:40
  • Glucose Metabolism and Disease Risk 05:50
  • Primary Metrics of Optimal Glucose Metabolism 11:56
  • Physiological Insulin Resistance in Ketosis 17:25
  • Muscle Mass and Insulin Sensitivity 21:50
  • Normal Blood Sugar Range 22:55
  • Fats and Blood Sugar Spike 29:11
  • Why Don't Combine Carbs and Fats 30:50
  • Difference Between High and Low Glycemic Carbs 34:10
  • Glycemic Effect of Dairy and Protein 39:40
  • Effect of Sleep on Blood Sugar 44:40
  • How to Lower Postprandial Blood Sugar 49:08
  • Stress and Blood Glucose 52:29
  • Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor App 59:30
  • Healthy Daily Glucose Rhythm 01:01:50
  • How Fast Can You Fix Insulin Resistance 01:04:50

And much more...

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