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#177 Does Keto Cause Insulin Resistance with Dr Ben Bikman

May 6, 2020

Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast I’m your host Siim Land and our guest today is Dr Ben Bikman. Dr Bikman has a PhD in Physiology & Developmental Biology. He’s known for his research about insulin, ketosis, and glucagon. 


  • How Ben Got Into the Keto World 02:00
  • Does Insulin Drive Insulin Resistance 07:00
  • Is High Blood Sugar or High Insulin More Detrimental 09:45
  • Personal Fat Threshold 13:30
  • Physiological Insulin Resistance In Ketosis 15:30
  • Should You Do Ketosis Cyclically 20:55
  • Insulin Glucagon Ratio 24:00
  • mTOR, Autophagy, and Insulin 29:40
  • Rold of Gluconeogenesis 34:30
  • Role of Ketone Bodies 37:30
  • Calories In Vs Calories Out 45:00
  • Benefits of Insulin 49:00
  • Low Fat Vs Low Carb Diets 53:30
  • What Does Ben Eat 56:30
  • Ben's New Book Why We Get Sick 01:00:00
  • How to Know If You're Insulin Resistant 01:05:22

And much more...

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