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#83 Effects of Blue Light and Blue Blocking Glasses - Andy Mant

November 13, 2018

Can't make it out of bed? Feeling tired during the day? Troubles falling asleep at night? Chances are you're suffering from a circadian rhythm mismatch.

One of the most influential environmental factors for determining your physiological processes is light. It signals the body to release certain hormones and keep itself in sync with the day and night cycles of the planet.

Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast. I'm your host Siim Land and our guest today is Andy Mant from Australia. Andy is the founder of BluBlox, which is a brand that created blue blocking eyewear that protects your circadian rhythms. 


  • How Blue Light Affects Your Health 03:19
  • How Do You Fall Asleep at Night 10:45
  • How Can Blue Blocking Glasses Help You Sleep 17:30
  • How to Test If Your Blue Blocking Glasses Work 41:05
  • Different Type of Blue Blocking Glasses 46:00
  • When to Expose Yourself to Blue Light 01:00:20
  • What to Do If You Have Shift Work 01:16:55

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