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#202 Birthday Q&A - Hair Health, Fixing Tendonitis, Preventing Neurodegeneration

September 17, 2020

This episode is a live Q&A on Siim's birthday.


  • How to Improve HDL Cholesterol 01:53
  • Astragalus and Autophagy Boosters 02:55
  • Hair Health and Growth 04:29
  • How to Detox Regularly 05:53
  • Tips for Giving Up Caffeine 09:14
  • Siim's Current Food Protocol 10:48
  • Can Autophagy Fight the Virus 14:14
  • How to Treat Acne and Improve Skin Health 18:00
  • How to Deal with Anxiety 20:00
  • Taking Resveratrol During a Fast 22:45
  • Do We Need Red Light Into Our Eyes 25:53
  • Tips for Improving the Handstand 27:54
  • Does the Sauna Negate the Benefits of Exercise 30:35
  • To Eat Bad Foods at Social Events or Not 31:42
  • How to Know If You're Exercising Too Much 34:58
  • How Siim Fixed His Tendonitis 36:53
  • Is Drinking Wine with Meat Safe 41:15
  • Dangers of UV Radiation and Skin Aging 42:25
  • How Would I Repair Joe Biden's Cognitive Decline 44:39
  • Siim's Post-Workout Nutrition 49:50
  • Regular BFR Bands VS KAATSU Bands 53:52
  • How to Get Back Into Autophagy After Eating 55:20

And much more

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