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#174 Herd Immunity and Personalized Medicine with Dr Shiva Ayyadurai

April 25, 2020

This is a short conversation with Dr Shiva Ayyadurai. 

Dr Shiva is an Indian-American scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur. He holds 4 degrees from MIT, including a PhD in biological engineering and systems biology, He’s also considered the inventor of email.

So, he’s a really smart guy who’s been recently speaking up about the current crisis. Me and Dr Shiva are going to talk about how the immune system works and herd immunity. We’re not giving any medical advice.

Dr Shiva is also running for Senate in Massachusetts so if you want to support him then head over to that’s the number 4

He stands for Truth, Health and Freedom and to fight Big Pharma.


  • Personalized Medicine VS Top Down Medicine 01:34
  • How to Open Back Up The Economy 06:40
  • Herd Immunity vs Vaccination 11:25
  • The Recurring Revenue Stream of Vaccines 18:35

And much more...

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