Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

#173 Q&A with Dr Paul Saladino, David Choi and Siim Land

April 21, 2020

 This podcast is a recording of the live webinar I did with Dr Paul Saladino at David Choi's Biohack the World event. 


  • Biohack the World by David Choi 01:01
  • Paul Saladino Introduction 07:00
  • Problems With Western Medical Paradigm 13:00
  • Indigenous Ancestral Diets 18:00
  • Where Humans Carnivorous 24:50
  • Do You Need Plants 31:00
  • Importance of Soil Health 41:00
  • Siim Land Introduction 48:00
  • Benefits of Time Restricted Eating 50:00
  • Fasting VS Calorie Restriction 57:30
  • Autophagy Effects On Eating Frequency 01:01:30
  • Eating Early Vs Eating Late in the Day 01:13:04
  • Melatonin, Sleep, and Autophagy 01:17:07
  • How to Prevent Sarcopenia 01:27:10
  • Animal Protein Ranking and Dairy 01:33:23
  • Does Fermentation Reduce Plant Toxins 01:42:45
  • Polyphasic Sleep and Naps 01:55:00 

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