Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

#171 Targeted Intermittent Fasting and Metabolic Flexibility with Siim Land and Sean McCormick

April 7, 2020

In this episode, I'm being interviewed by Sean McCormick on the Optimal Performance Podcast. 


  • Targeted Intermittent Fasting Explained 01:00
  • Is It Smarter to Eat Carbs Later in the Day 08:55
  • The Three Stages of the Ketogenic Diet 13:30
  • How to Achieve Metabolic Flexibility 23:30
  • Why Very Restrictive Diets Can Cause Problems 28:30
  • What Is Siim's Next Book About 38:00
  • Siim's Thoughts on Carnivore Diet and Xenohormesis 47:30
  • Epigenetic Effects of Your Diet 55:45

And much more...

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