Body Mind Empowerment with Siim Land

#166 Biohack the Coronavirus with a Strong Immune System

March 7, 2020

You can hear of news about the coronavirus everywhere. It's spreading across the globe and has reached the status of a pandemic. What to do? This is a replay of the immune system biohacking webinar with authors of the Biohackers Handbook and Biohacker Summit. How to not get the flu.


  • Will Autophagy Protect Against Coronavirus 04:50
  • Stats About Pandemics and Viruses 12:34
  • Stats About the Novel Coronavirus 34:00
  • Fundamentals of the Immune System 41:00
  • Nutrients Needed for Immune System Functioning 54:20
  • Nutraceuticals That Can Fight Coronavirus 01:08:00
  • Intermittent Fasting and Immune System 01:23:25
  • Hot and Cold Exposure Before or After Infection 01:36:00
  • Supplements That Don't Work 01:50:00
  • How to Navigate Airports During Pandemics 02:03:39

And much more...

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