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#165 Does Keto Promote Stem Cells, Do I Recommend Metformin, Will Autophagy Prevent Coronavirus - 100k Sub Q&A

March 2, 2020

This is a live Q&A on my YouTube channel for celebrating the 100 000 subscriber milestone. Thank you, everyone, for the support and feedback. Let's get to 1 million now.


  • How to Break a Dry Fast 01:10
  • Difference Between Different Saunas 02:15
  • Tips for Learning 04:30
  • Is Red Light Therapy Worth the Hype 06:00
  • How Long Until Autophagy 07:30
  • Best Time for Intermittent Fasting 09:30
  • Should Old People Do Fasting 12:45
  • How to Get Back on OMAD 16:30
  • Sleep Tips While Fasting 19:00
  • Will Autophagy Protect Against Coronavirus 21:54
  • How Long Until Back Into Ketosis 24:35
  • Carnivore Diet VS Keto Diet 28:35
  • Alternate Day Fasting Thoughts 33:01
  • Best Natural Sweeteners 35:45
  • Do I Recommend Taking Metformin 37:12
  • Should You Combine Fats and Carbs 39:30
  • Can Keto Promote Stem Cells 42:19
  • What's The Lowest Healthy Fat Intake 46:50

And much more...

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