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#150 Living Like a Paleo Biohacker with Keith Norris

November 29, 2019

Most of human history, man was a hunter-gatherer who's body evolved under certain conditions. Despite living in the modern world, our physiology still follows the same adaptations and principles as in the past. That's why modern biohacking and Paleo movements seek to bridge this gap while still staying healthy.

In this episode of the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast, we're talking with Keith Norris. Keith is a personal trainer, entrepreneur, speaker and one of the founders of Paleo Fx. I'm going to be speaking at the 2020 Paleo Fx event and it's going to be a blast.


  • How Keith Started Training 03:00
  • Train Smarter Not Harder 07:50
  • High Intensity Training vs Frequency 16:29
  • Principles of Paleo Way of Living 22:00
  • How Paleo f(x) Keeps Innovating Itself 32:50
  • Biohacking and Ancestral Living 39:00
  • Peptides for Anti-Aging and Health Optimisation 44:30
  • Upcoming Technologies Keith's Excited About 50:00

And much more...

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