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#145 Fasting and The Metabolic Approach to Cancer with Dr Nasha Winters

October 22, 2019

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death that affects hundreds of millions of people. It's often thought to happen because of genetics but it has a profound metabolic aspect that can be prevented with lifestyle.

In this episode of the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast, we talk with Dr Nasha Winters. Dr Nasha was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 19 and has survived for nearly thirty years. She's now a naturopathic doctor, speaker, and author of the book The Metabolic Approach to Cancer.


  • How Dr Nasha Was Diagnosed with Cancer at the Age of Nineteen 02:50
  • What Is Cancer and What Causes It 06:00
  • Fasting for Treating Cancer 16:04
  • How Dr Nasha Figured Out How to Treat Her Cancer 23:15
  • Cancer Feeds on Sugar and Protein? 31:43
  • Why Steve Jobs Got Cancer 37:22
  • Anti-Cancer Effects of Polyphenols and Herbs 46:32
  • Does Exercise Give You Cancer 53:50

And much more...

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 Show Notes


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