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#116 How to Fix Your Brain with Nootropics - David Tomen the Nootropics Expert

May 4, 2019

Are you suffering from brain fog, anxiety, stress or depression? It might be very much caused by some nutritional imbalances in the brain. "Now where did I put my keys..."

Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast I’m your host Siim Land and our guest today is David Tomen the Nootropics Expert. David runs the website which is a resource about different nootropic compounds and biohacks to improve your cognition.

Topics discussed:

  • How David Fixed His Brain 01:30
  • What Are Nootropics 05:00
  • Nootropics That Improve Cognition 10:20
  • Adaptogens for Stress and Anxiety 22:43
  • Supplements for Sleep and Relaxation 36:10
  • How to Fix Low Thyroid 44:10
  • The Best Anti-Aging Supplements 47:30


And much more...

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 Show Notes


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