#36 Optimizing Neurotransmitters and Your Emotional Bandwidth for Better Decision Making with Ryan Munsey

March 11, 2018

95% of your decision making is based on how you feel at any given moment

That's what the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio claims about human reasoning

When you spend a bit of time thinking about it, then you can see that this is indeed so in the majority of cases. People tend to overeat when they're tired or emotionally stressed out. They do their work only when they're motivated and they rationalize everything with their gut feeling

Don't get this the wrong way - success and mastery require you to show up day in and day out no matter how you feel...but you wouldn't want to live in such a state for too long

So, making better decisions should crucially begin with optimizing how you feel and what emotions you're feeling as to make it easier for yourself.

That's the topic of today's Body Mind Empowerment Podcast. I'm your host Siim Land and our guest is Ryan Munsey from The Better Human Project. He’s a podcaster, an author, speaker and a high-performance coach who helps entrepreneurs, Navy SEALS, and athletes win medals, stay healthy and function at their peak. 

We're going to talk about: 

  • How Ryan and his co-host travel the States in a van and talk to fascinating people 06:00
  • What message is Ryan trying to give to people with his book F*ck Your Feelings 12:10
  • Neuroscience shows how 95% of your decisions are based on your feelings 13:00
  • Does your brain have competing systems that fight against each other 17:05
  • What’s the emotional bandwidth and how it affects your decision making 22:22
  • How the lobsters’ dominance hierarchy can teach you an important lesson about balancing your neurotransmitters and nervous system 30:56
  • What strategies can help you to get out of chronic stress and depression 32:37
  • The difference between optimizing states and traits 45:00
  • Are you dependent of supplements and limitless pills? 47:20

And much more...


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