Neuroplasticity of Motivation and Discipline

November 27, 2017

Are you motivated? Do you feel inspired?
Is it needed for you to first watch a ton of motivational videos and quotes before you can take action?

Social media and the modern world, in particular, are inducive of the "motivation guilt trip"

Basically - feeling the need to be motivated and inspired in order to start taking action, to get things done and to stay consistent with your goals


  • You shouldn't feel motivated before you get out of your bed
  • You shouldn't feel motivated for staying disciplined with your habits
  • You shouldn't feel motivated to do the right thing no matter the situation

A gazelle can't choose to feel motivated when running away from a lion

So you shouldn't take motivation as something guaranteed or essential

You have to develop the proactive ability to be able to take action despite how you feel or how motivated you are

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