#19 How to Optimize Your Sleep and Circadian Rhythms with the OURA Ring

December 25, 2017

"Sleep is for the weak and wicked! I'll sleep when I'm dead."

Well...with that kind of a mentality you're guaranteed to make it happen sooner than you think

Of course, building business, being an entrepreneur and hustling hard requires you to put in the effort and more often than not you have to sacrifice some sleep time

However, it's a huge misconception about sleep and being successful.
Sleep is one of the most important things for your health. In fact, it's more critical than nutrition or exercise.

You can get away with eating junk and not working out, but if you can't neglect sleep for too long

This is the topic of today's Body Mind Empowerment Podcast. Our guest is Petteri Lahtela the CEO of OURA Ring
The OURA ring is a cutting-edge sleep tracking device that measures your sleep cycles and stages.

Petteri and I talk about: 

  • What got Petteri into entrepreneurship
  • How does a CEO sleep per night
  • Sleep and circadian rhythms
  • How to improve sleep cycle quality
  • How does the OURA ring work
  • What improvements does the OURA ring 2 make
  • How your chronotype influences your sleep and health
  • The most important tips for improving your sleep

And much more...

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