#25 How to Adapt to Stress and Become Antifragile With Cold Thermogenesis, Ketosis and Fasting

January 18, 2018

There are 3 kind of things in the world

  • Fragile things break under pressure and stress
  • Resilient things resist the shock and stay the same
  • Antifragile things adapt to the stressor and get better

Our human body is incredibly adaptable to all kinds of stimuli both physical and mental. This ability is inherent to the success of our species.


Stress adaptation is a key characteristic to evolution and life - you need to be antifragile in order to adapt the changing environments. 


Unfortunately, our modern world is shielding us from these stressors and preventing our physiology from expressing its antifragility. Thus we become more fragile and more prone to breaking.


That's the topic of today's Body Mind Empowerment Podcast with your host Siim Land. Our guest is Cristi Vlad from Romania who's an author and a self-educated programmer about nutrition, deep learning, ketosis, intermittent fasting and much more.


We're going to talk about

  • How Cristi self-taught himself human physiology, genomics, and coding
  • What is antifragility and how does it relate to stress adaptation
  • How does one adapt to cold and other stressors
  • Is taking ice baths as dangerous for you as taking cyanide
  • How I'm currently doing the one meal a day diet while working out
  • What experiments has Cristi had with MCT oil and ketosis
  • How to raise awareness about your weight loss goals


And much more...

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