#30 How Brandon Carter Built a 7 Figure Business After Going on the Ketogenic Diet

February 7, 2018

Brandon Carter

  • Professional personal trainer and fitness model
  • Bestselling author on Amazon
  • Social media influencer with millions of followers
  • CEO of Brolaboratories
  • Ripped and Built muscle machine

Brandon's been training and coaching people since he was 17
The majority of that time he followed a very generic nutritional approach

However, on one fatal day, his doctor said to him that his cholesterol was dangerously high
In search of help, he decided to try out the ketogenic diet and saw great improvement in his health

Why did Brandon Carter go keto? How did he build a 7 figure business with it last year? What are his secret keto hacks for burning fat and getting fit?

All of that and more in today's Body Mind Empowerment Podcast. I'm Siim Land and our guest is Brandon Carter aka KingKeto himself

We're going to talk about

  • How working out changed Brandon's life
  • Why did he start the ketogenic diet
  • What his macronutrients look like
  • How much protein he eats to stay in ketosis
  • Most influential books that should be taught in school
  • The 3 step formula for success (guaranteed)
  • What is the Game of Ketones

And much more...

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