#13 How to Lose Fat on Keto with Jason Wittrock the Keto King

November 30, 2017

Could you imagine eating 4000 calories while still losing weight?

Sounds impossible...

But that's exactly what Jason Wittrock did on his 21 day 4k calorie challenge. 

He was eating over 400 grams of fat and LOST 2 POUNDS!

How is this possible? 
If weight loss is just calories in vs calories out then he should've become clinically obese and get heart disease

But he did it on the ketogenic diet which allowed him to burn all of that fat for energy

It comes to show that to lose fat, you have to look beyond the linear thermodynamics model
and take into account your body's biochemistry

That's the topic of today's Body Mind Empowerment Podcast with Siim Land

Our guest is Jason Wittrock the Keto King himself. 
Jason is a fitness model, coach, social media influencer, trainer and a father

In this episode, we're talking about

  • What made Jason swap over from the general fitness advice to the ketogenic diet
  • How Jason coaches his clients to lose fat and get fit
  • What happened on his 21-day 4000 calorie challenge
  • What to do after a cheat day
  • How to make keto a sustainable part of your lifestyle

And so much more...

I really enjoyed talking with Jason and we delved into many topics about health and fitness

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