#22 10 Valuable Things I’ve Learned This Year

January 4, 2018

They say the moment you stop learning you start dying.

That's why I think it's incredibly important to remain as a life-long learner of life no matter what you've accomplished or who you are.

2017 was a blast and 2018 is looking to be even more awesome.
I've learned a lot about myself and the world.

This Body Mind Empowerment Podcast episode is about the life lessons I learned this year.

To be honest, I’ve learned most of these lessons over previous years already but this year they were strengthened even further and became clearer.

Topics discussed:

  • The most fundamental belief you should have
  • How to not blind yourself to criticism
  • The greatest form of strength
  • Why everything is your fault
  • How to prepare for the future
  • Get more done with less effort

And much more...

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